Tsagaan Suvarga Camp/고비 소바르가 여행자 캠프

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The Gobi Suvarga tourist camp is located near to Tsagaan Suvarga (White Stupe), sheer slope and was an old seabed with sedimentary structure created by millions years and the different colors of the ground represent different times. The formation is over 50 m in its highest point and continues 400 m.

The tourist camp is one of the 2 tourist camps in this place. The tourist camp is small but its facilities, specially toilet and shower, work properly. This TC is connected to a well. Electricity is not connected yet to central electricity system and will come when they turn on the power generator evening, from 7pm -11pm. The camp area receives mobile signals of some operators and it allows you using calling and internet connection through your mobile phone.

Active period: Seasonal, from June to Sept.
Check in: any time after booking is confirmed
Check out: usually after breakfast, but after lunch is also possible
Location & address: Gobi Suvarga tourist camp, Tsagaan Suvarga, Ülziit sub-province, Dundgobi province.

From Gobi Suvarga Tsagaan Suvarga – 6 km
Del Uul – 40 km


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